What’s This About

It is obvious to many people that things might not get back to what might be seen as normal, that we will need to be supporting each other in quite a fundemental way on a local level regarding food security as well as other matters.

People have tried to organise on a larger scale locally, but even though a lot of effort and work was put in, for various reasons the time wasn’t right.

However all that has been done so far has been invaluable, with the hard work of people such as incredible edible, incredible farm and a whole raft of others, the idea that kindness wins has become almost like a valley motto, so we are in a good place.

So here we are, there’s no more time for dress rehearsals, the show must go on!

The way this website works is that this is the central hub, then when people get an idea of a local area that they can manage we can build a sub site such as The Hebden Bridge 26 Acres of Kindness or The Todmorden 89 Acres of Kindness.

We can give a hand in managing these sites or you can manage them yourselves, as a blog and a gathering point of people.

What will be needed in each area are people that can form a team, get the resources, finance and generate the enthusiasm to get the job done. This isn’t the job of one person, this is the job of people with differing skills and usually there are people already doing these things around you, so either hook up with them or simply get on their boat because this isn’t a competition, this is simply meant to feed people at times when that’s no longer a certainty.

This also isn’t only about potatoes, we use this as an example to gain a figure of how much land we need, diversity would be wonderful, greenhouses, forest gardens, if you’re near the coast get seaweed, let’s be inventive.

And let’s have fun.


‘No more time for dress rehearsals, the show must go on’