Acres of kindness

Can you grow vegetables such as potatoes in the damp hills of the north?

In 2010 we were getting 3kg of romano and cara potatoes

per Square Metre up near Gorpley.

So, if that’s the quantity of potatoes we can get, we next took a look at how many people there are to feed in the local area and how much it would take to feed them should Morrisons and Lidl have a wobble.

Todmorden 15,000 people
Hebden Bridge 4,500 people
Mytholmroyd 4000 people

So for a rough figure let’s look at what might be a good amount of potatoes for each person per month just to give us an idea of how much land we might need.

One serving of mashed potatoes would be 1/5 of a kg per person for a good sized portion. So if people eat potatoes every day they would need 6kg per month.

So an acre is roughly 4046 square metres and at 3kg per metre, we would need 2 square metres per month to feed each person, or 24 square metres per year. 1046/24=168 people per acre.

But wait a minute, there are folks who do their own thing etc, but let’s keep the figures as they are because we would need to grow other things such as barley, plus rotate our crops, so let’s say as a rough figure, to feed the people in our valley we would need:

Todmorden 15,000/168 = 89 acres
Hebden Bridge 4,500/168 = 26 acres
Mytholmroyd 4000/168 = 23 acres

That totals 138 acres. According to one source I have there are 11,000 acres of farmland in Tod!

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